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Any business with vehicles or other assets in the field faces numerous challenges as it seeks to increase asset utiliziation, monitor asset use, enforce safety practices, ensure security and reduce the risk of breakdown. Everyday challenges in the quest for a higher profits and better ROI include:
We don't know exactly where our vehicle is? Is it safe? What is the expected ETA? What do we tell our customers? When a vehicle is late, we have no clue about why or where?
What will we do if the vehicle gets stolen or hi-jacked?
Can we empower our customers to track the vehicle and feel more assured?
How do we reduce turn-around time and increase the number of trips?
How do we prevent unauthorized detours?
How do we prevent unauthorized halts & breaks?
Is our driver picking up third party loads?
We would like to dispatch the closest vehicle to the customer for quicker response and lower fuel costs. We also get to fit in more trips per vehicle per day while doing this.
We would like the drivers to drive safely and prevent mishaps. Is there any way by which we can monitor their speeds in real time?
We carry persishable goods, Can we montor the cargo temperature?
It is a challenge to maintain accurate running records and to adhere to the service and maintenance schedule for every vehicle. Well maintained vehicles mean lower fuel costs, prolonged asset life and reduced risk of breakdowns. Breakdowns are expensive not only due to the repair bills (genuine or concocted) but also due to time lost.
We have no way to tell whether a reported break-down incident is genuine or concocted?
We have no way of checking whether mileage reports are authentic and accurate?
Can we reduce the cost of mobile communication with our vehicles?

The Geotrackers MRM© solutions enable businesses to gain deep insights into field operations helping uncover and remove hidden inefficiencies. It enables businesses to:

Reduce Operating Costs.
Increase productivity of field assets & workforce and resulting in more jobs getting done.
Provide enhanced levels of Safety & Security of assets, cargo and people
Set demonstrable performance standards, reward better performing workers and ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

...resulting in Cost Savings, Increased Business, Higher Profits, A Rapid Return On Investment And Above All Enhanced Peace Of Mind.
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