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The Geotrackers tracking solutions are easy to deploy and use. Each field resource that needs to be monitored needs to be equipped with a tracking device, that consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and a GSM/GPRS module.

Using signals received from orbiting GPS satellites, the GPS receiver is able to determine its location to an accuracy of 15 metres. The tracking device sends this location information via the GPRS network to Geotracker's central servers.

Users, can track their mobile resources, simply by logging into the member's section of the Geotrackers web-site, with their unique Username and password.

Geotrackers MRM© solutions are highly reliable and scalable. We maintian multiple redundant data centres for extreme caution and continuance of service in the face of any unexpected exigiency or natural disaster. Our powerful architecture can support thousands of users simlutaneously without compromising performance. We offer robust nationwide wireless coverage through tie-ups with major wireless networks.
Track & monitor your vehicle on online street level maps employing multiple zoom levels.
View present position of mobile asset(s)
Monitor direction and speed
View comprehensive Trip History for each asset with
View exact trace of route driven with time stamps.
Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt.
Monitor Over-speeding violations with timestamps
Get Milegae report with exact log of kilometres driven.
Get real time alerts in SMS in case your vehicle OVERSPEEDS
Monitor critical vehicle status e.g. opening & closing of doors, AC, Engine
2-way voice communication possible with add on vehicle voice-kit

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