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The Geotrackers MRM© solutions enable businesses to gain deep insights into field operations helping uncover and remove hidden inefficiencies. It enables businesses to:
Reduce Operating Costs.
Increase productivity of field assets & workforce and resulting in more jobs getting done.
Provide enhanced levels of Safety & Security of assets, cargo and people
Set demonstrable performance standards, reward better performing workers and ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.
...resulting in Cost Savings, Increased Business, Higher Profits, A Rapid Return On Investment And Above All Enhanced Peace Of Mind.

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity of Field Resources
Track driver routes and vehicle halts
Prevent unauthorized detours
Prevent unscheduled stops & breaks - Reduce vehicle and employee Idle Time
Check picking up of third party loads.
Reduce turn around time and increase the number of trips per vehicle and per employe

Increase the number of trips, Increase business, Enhance Profits

Reduce Running Costs
Prevent unauthorized detours and breaks, saving both employee time as well fuel costs.
Reduce incidence of fake break-downs, saving time and repair expense

More Efficient Dispatching
Efficient dispatching of calls to nearest vehicle / employee.

Effective Operations Monitoring
Remote Monitoring & exception alert of critical cargo parameters e.g. temperature in refrigerated vans.  *
Cross-reference load drops against the manifest.
Monitor door to door delivery of sensitive or endangered cargo

More Efficient Fleet Management
Verify Mileage Reports
Conduct Driver Performance Reviews
Easily assess fleet's performance & take critical decisions with the help of a comprehensive trip reports
Better planning of fleet movement, through updated information on position of vehicle

Better Customer Service = More Satisfied Customers = More Business
Accurate tracking of cargo and estimation of ETA
Improved service levels through more effective monitoring
Better response time due to more efficient dispatching and fleet planning.
Enhanced safety & security for cargo or vehicle occupants ensuring client 'peace of mind'.

Enhanced Safety & Security= Peace of Mind & Prevention of Loss
Swift location of stolen/ hi-jacked vehicles & cargo
Immediate notification through SMS in case of accident on road  *
Receive immediate SOS alert from vehicle in case of any emergency.  *
Immediate notification of 'over-speeding' or violation of a 'geo-fence' restriction.

* Requires installation of special sensors
Geotrackers Mobile Resource Management© solutions promise considerable savings per unit per year even after paying for the hardware and for the service.
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