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The Geotrackers Mobile Resource Management (MRM©) solutions leverages GPS location technology, wireless networks, broadand internet and fleet management software to help you Track & monitor your fleet wherever it may be and wherever you may be. All you need is an Internet enabled PC to logon to the Geotrackers web-site with your unique username and password and:
See the location of your entire workforce or just a single vehicle on easy-to-view street level maps employing multiple zoom levels.
Monitor direction and speed
View comprehensive Trip History for each asset
View exact trace of route driven with time stamps
Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt
Prescribe the maximum halt limit and receive an alert if the halt duration stretches beyond the limit.
Monitor Over-speeding violations with timestamps
Get real time alerts in case your vehicle OVERSPEEDS
Get Milegae report with exact log of kilometres driven.
Monitor critical vehicle status e.g. opening & closing of doors, AC, Engine
2-way voice communication possible with add on vehicle voice-kit

Now businesses can track driver routes, vehicle speeds and stops, monitor door to door delivery of sensitive or endangered cargo, and protect high-valued assets. This type of real-time data can help to verify mileage reports and be used to even conduct employee performance reviews.
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