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How can we get more jobs done in a day?
We don't know where our guys or vehicles are or what they are doing!
The vehicle is delayed.. where is it?
What will we do if the vehicle and cargo get stolen or hi-jacked?
Can we empower our customers to track their cargo and feel more assured?
We have no way to tell whether a reported break-down incident is genuine or concocted?
We have no way of checking whether mileage reports are authentic and accurate?
Can we monitor the speed of our vehicle in real time?
How can we prevent unauthorized breaks, halts and detours on duty?
Is our driver picking up third party loads?
Can we provide customers with more accurate predictions for worker ETAs?
Wish we could check the job or delivery status.
Can we get an electronic POD with Date, Time and Location stamp?
How can we depute the person closest to the customer for quicker response and better time and fuel efficiency?
We�d try anything to reduce the payout in insurance premiums!
It is a challenge to maintain accurate running records and to adhere to the service and maintenance schedule for every vehicle
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