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Just bought that swanky new car but worried about car theft? To a thief, there is nothing like a car. It is self propelled and fully equipped for a fast getaway. The car and most especially its components, are items in steady demand. According to the NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau), nearly a 100,000 vehicles were stolen in India in 2006 and the rate is rising. Recovery rates have historically been abysmally low, and most stolen vehicles are recovered in a damaged form owing to passage of time before recovery.

It is a fact that not all chauffeurs are your truly loyal ones. On metro streets, it is a common sight to see chauffeurs picking up passengers for money. Fuel theft is a chronic problem . Chauffeur is misusing the vehicles for joyrides with friends around the colony are not uncommon. Chauffeur is using your car to hand down driving lessons to their friends is not improbable either.

As kids reach the threshold of adulthood, we think it is our duty to prepare them to face up to the world. A big part of this training in independence is teaching them to drive, and allowing them use of the family car, and even in getting them a spanking new set of wheels, all of their own. But how many times has your heart pounded in worry about the late night whereabouts of your ward? How many times have you felt helpless, not knowing whether your young one would pay heed to your advise to drive slow.

Now lose your peace of mind no more! Geotrackers Vehicle tracking solution is here to help you watch each and every move of your car.

Track & recover your car as soon as you discover it is missing.
Track every movement of your chauffeured car, getting information on exact routes, halts, speeds and kilometers traveled.
Protect privacy of family members by disabling the online tracking feature. You will receive alerts only in instances of car speeding beyond extreme limits. You can still track and recover your vehicle in case of theft or emergency.
Receive alerts on your mobile via SMS in case your car is getting towed.

The Geotrackers Mobile Resource Management (MRM©) solutions leverages GPS location technology, wireless networks, broadand internet and fleet management software to help you Track & monitor your vehicles wherever they may be and wherever you may be. All you need is an Internet enabled PC to logon to the Geotrackers web-site with your unique username and password and:

Track & monitor your vehicle on online street level maps employing multiple zoom levels.
View present position of mobile asset(s)
Monitor direction and speed
View comprehensive Trip History for each asset with
View exact trace of route driven with time stamps.
Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt.
Monitor Over-speeding violations with timestamps
Get real time alerts in case your vehicle OVERSPEEDS
Get Milegae report with exact log of kilometres driven.
Monitor critical vehicle status e.g. opening & closing of doors, AC, Engine
2-way voice communication possible with add on vehicle voice-kit
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